My Favorite Places

The more I write, the harder it gets. I have a few topics planned out to write about in the coming weeks, however these won’t last forever. I’m still hoping I can transfer my self-motivation for writing these blog posts into going on more adventures. Almost as a way to keep myself accountable. I’m not exactly where that came from, I guess I want to let anyone who actually reads these know where I am and what I’m thinking. You all are investing your time in me, so I feel like I need to let you know where I’m at!

Anyways, today’s topic has absolutely nothing to do with that first paragraph. Today (as you’ve probably already guessed) I will be talking about some of my favorite places. Now, I haven’t really traveled at all, so this won’t be an all inclusive list of the “10 Best Places to Backpack” or “You Must See the Sunrise at These 7 Places Before You Die”. This will just be a few of the places I’ve been to, the things I like about them, and maybe an anecdote or two about the places.

As I said, I haven’t really been to many places, so this will be a short list. Hopefully throughout the year, I’ll be able to add a few more to this list! I guess we’ll start small and work our way up. We’ll start with Harbison State Forest. This is a relatively small place to hike around, which is literally right next to my house. Unfortunately, I don’t get out there too often, but it is an awesome place to go! It has several miles of trails, both for hiking/running and mountain biking. These trails range from very easy to difficult, however, it isn’t anything that the average person couldn’t handle. Another trail to hike around my hometown is part of the Palmetto Trail, around Peak. It is a great place to explore around and a fun place to experience, with an old railroad trestle crossing over the Broad River. Going a little farther north, and to one of my favorite places (if you read my previous post, you already know), there is Table Rock State Park. I won’t talk too much about Table Rock, since I did in my previous post, but it is an amazing place to hike. I believe that is is a little over 7 miles total, and it is usually a full day trip for us when we go (although I am counting 4-5 hours in travel). Reaching the summit is the prettiest sight, but after walking a few more minutes to an open rock area, you can really see the beauty. For me, it is quite a difficult climb to the top, but once you see where you are, you can’t help but be amazed. Traveling a little further around the top of the mountain will bring you to an overlook of the lake (another awesome sight). After you’re done taking in the beauty, it is a nice leisurely hike downhill.

Now that we’ve tackled some of my favorite spots in South Carolina, we’re going to go even farther North, into North Carolina. Now, I don’t have much experience in North Carolina, so this will be short. For hiking, pretty much the only place that I have been is to Dupont State Forest, home of Triple Falls, Hooker Falls, and High Falls (this was also where part of The Hunger Games was shot). No matter how many times I visit, it never gets old. I love just watching, listening, and playing on/near the waterfalls. There aren’t many places in South Carolina to see all of these amazing waterfalls, and to get all three of these beauties in one spot is incredible. There are some very steep uphills in Dupont, but overall, it is a easy to moderate hike, and one that I would recommend to everyone whether you have a family with small children or you’re high school kids looking for somewhere fun to hike. The only other place I’ve hiked is Montreat. I haven’t spent very much time here, and I think I’ve only hiked two of the trails, but from what I have experienced there, the sights are amazing. Actually, the cover photo for the main page of my blog is a panorama of one of the trails we hiked!

Backpacking. I love it. I may not be good at it, but I love it. I wish I could say I’ve backpacked all over the place, but I’ve really only been to one place; Pisgah National Forest. Maybe I keep going back there, because I’m comfortable with it, or maybe it is just because I think its a nifty place. It definitely doesn’t have the best views, but you’re almost always close to water and there are a few established campsites, which makes it a little easier to camp and enjoy yourself more. The place that I go to in Pisgah, is not too far out of the way, which is usually a plus for me.

This concludes the list of my favorite places. I’m sure that I could have elaborated a little more, but I’m trying to keep these posts sort of short, I’m not trying to write a book, at least not yet! Expect another post later this week! I haven’t made up my mind yet, but I think I’m going to be talking about some of the gear I use, mainly focusing on backpacking, but I may throw in some kayaking, day-trip, etc equipment

As always, thank you for reading, and please let me know if you have any ideas!


P.s. The cover picture for this post is a picture of a friend and my sister-in-law racing llamas down a trail at Dupont!



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